Recruitment done fast, affordably, efficiently

Crayon reinvents the recruitment journey by introducing personality,
grit and trait profiling upfront to match roles to the best-suited candidates.

We aim to reduce hiring mistakes via a standardised, transparent process
that informs both the employer and candidate in a data-rich, yet fun, way.


hire, be hired, or earn cash

Whether you're here to find your dream job, find your dream employee, or hook a friend up with a job, Crayon offers a refreshing, solutions-focused approach. Sign-up, be a boss, find a boss, let's source your ideal match!

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From the receptionist to the CEO, Crayon starts saving you cash on any hire earning above R10,000 per month. Drag the slider to match the expected salary and put a value on the benefit of recruiting via Crayon.

* Based on the standard recruitment fee of 15% of the CTC of the appointed hire

earn badges

Get rewarded for actively partaking in the Crayon process. You'll earn badges along the way which get added to your account and your Crayon Vitae for potential employers to see. Employers and recruiters don't feel left out, you get badges too!

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Sign up, take the test, and find out if you're a Director, Socialiser, Thinker or Supporter!
Don't worry, everyone passes!


If you're already the boss, skip the test, and get hiring!

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